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Conflicted Opinions Over Ukraine Conflict, Over 1 Year After Invasion

Several days ago, James Roberts, Secretary of the Portland Republican Committee, had a letter published in the Portland Press Herald discussing the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

The letter points to the wide range of opinions on the subject and how it’s become evident even here in Portland that while some conservatives believe the United States should continue providing military support to Ukraine, others argue the US shouldn't be involved.

Here is the published letter, titled "Letter to the editor: War in Ukraine is not our fault":

It’s amusing to see some of the old arguments from Cold War days reappearing. Critics — mostly left-leaning — complained then that all this money spent on resisting the Soviet takeover of Europe would be better used at home. Today, it’s conservatives who make this same argument against our support of Ukraine.

Another trope from post-WWII days: Soviet Russia’s westward expansion was really defensive. Russia, you see, had suffered so much from outside invasions, it was only fair she should dominate neighboring countries. By mischaracterizing this as aggressive and threatening, and by encouraging the Eastern Europeans to resist, we forced the USSR into an oppositional posture. The Cold War was our fault.

Today, right-leaning critics have taken up the same position. We provoked the invasion. It’s our fault. We should have let Russia take Ukraine. These arguments were wrong then, and they are wrong now. Armed with its Marxist-Leninist ideology, the Soviet Union was a dangerous, expansionist power.

Today, Putin has abandoned the ideology, substituting for it Great Russian chauvinism, but retaining the expansionist impulse. The truth is that Putin, who has proclaimed that the greatest disaster of the 20th century was the collapse of the Soviet Union, has made it unmistakably clear that his ambition is to reestablish the empire. The West didn’t provoke him. And, if not stopped in Ukraine, he will surely try for more.

James Roberts Portland

The conflict in Ukraine has been ongoing for years, and it’s a complex issue with no easy solutions. No matter what you believe, it’s important for all Americans to stay informed about global issues like this one and to engage in civil discourse about them. Party lines don’t draw clear boundaries here, like many major issues our nation currently faces.

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Chuck Ellis
Chuck Ellis
2023년 5월 03일

Ukraine is such a difficult topic and why I believe we need to proceed with caution as there are many factors that play into what’s going on there. To some degree James is right I think Putin does appear to be quite up front about his desire to recreate to Soviet Union and may have attempted to take Ukraine no matter what we did however it does also seem to me that we’ve been meddling in Ukraine causing a regime change (maybe we should stop doing that kind of thing?) And perhaps that, more than NATO, but combined with NATO, at the very least gave Putin the excuse he needed to attempt to take Ukraine.

I also agree with James…

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