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High Priority Issues

Your Action is Urgently Needed!

The issues on this page are considered high-priority because of their time-sensitive nature.

Update from March 15th, 2024

Action needed prior to the March 19th vote in the House of Representatives!

You may or may not have heard that we are another step closer to erasing the voice of Maine voters. On Wednesday, the Maine Senate voted to enact the National Popular Vote (NPV). Last week, Democrats in the House also voted for NPV. This, despite the majority on the Committee on Veteran and Legal Affairs voting Ought Not to Pass.

Under this scheme, If Candidate A were to win the election in Maine, but Candidate B wins the NPV, Maine's state electors would be directed to award our electoral votes to Candidate B. This completely ignores the people of Maine's voice in determining who our president should be. What would be the point of holding elections in Maine?

I am imploring you to write to our legislative representatives to voice your concerns. Additionally, let Janet Mills know you wish for her to veto the bill should it arrive at her desk.

Here is a link that will easily populate and send a letter for you:

Alternatively, you can email the following addresses:

The article is attached to avoid a paywall.

John Lewis | Chair

Cape Elizabeth Republican Town Committee to elect presidents using popular vote gains ground in Maine
Download PDF • 241KB

Update from March 12th, 2024

Action needed by 10pm on Wednesday, March 20th!

Special Alert: Attorneys General OPPOSE LD 227

Click below to read/download:

LD 227
Download DOCX • 1.43MB

LD 227 is the worst assault against parental rights we have ever seen. It offers protection to transgender traffickers while penalizing parents for seeking legal recourse against malpractice.


If you care about children at all, go here to stop them from being transitioned against their parents' will.


No sane person wants parents to be penalized for trying to protect their children from irreversible harm. No sane person wants doctors who perform this awful surgery to be immune from liability. No sane person wants teachers and "glitter families" to be protected while parents are penalized.


Read this infographic from Courage is a Habit for more information, then send your quick email. Please act soon!

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