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I’m not sure if you’re aware how this works, so I’m dropping you a line to provide the information.

Did you know you can vote in the June 11 Republican Primary today?

That’s right, ballots are available at your town office or city hall right now and you can walk in, provide your information and cast your ballot. No mail, no waiting for your ballot, none of that.

Now, we don’t take sides in these primary elections – you ‘select’ the candidate, then we work to ‘elect’ the candidate in the general election.

But… even though we don’t take sides, it is VERY, VERY important to us that you cast your ballot.


Because showing our national partner groups, donors and President Trump himself that Maine has high energy and engagement is critical to placing Maine as a battleground and bringing in support for the general election.

We want those national folks (yes, including President Trump -- we know firsthand he and his team are keeping a very close eye on Maine) to look at our numbers and think “Maine is energized, Maine is ready to go red!”

So, can you Secure Your Vote today by going to cast your ballot at your local town office or city hall? I promise, it is super easy, and when you go early there is almost never a line.

If not today can you make a plan to go this week?

Will you be a part of putting Maine on the map for the November election by showing our huge energy and enthusiasm for saving our state and country?

We can only do all this with your help.


Maine GOP

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