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Stephanie Anderson: New CCRC Chair Initiates Legislative Action Group

On February 23, 2021, former Cumberland County District Attorney Stephanie Anderson was elected as the new Chair of the Cumberland County Republican Committee. She served as D.A. for twenty-eight years.

Stephanie immediately initiated a strong push to recruit volunteers from the CCRC to work together to promote or oppose legislation in Augusta. She's been assisted by numerous CCRC members, including Cathy Nichols, George Vercelli, Annie Christy, Gina LeDuc, and many others.

Volunteers (more needed!) have engaged in letter writing and testimonials sent to various state legislators.

The CCRC is developing a website section for "Legislative Action" at:

As of April 22nd, it's still in progress. Keep checking back for more info.

We welcome Stephanie to her new leadership role!!

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