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Democrats will exceed Maine law, spend $10 billion+, every available dollar of your money

Updated: Mar 25, 2023


March 24, 2023


Republican offer of $200 million in structural income tax relief rejected

STATE HOUSE – After months of negotiating in good faith to find a way to provide relief to Maine taxpayers without impacting state budget commitments, talks have broken down.

A partisan budget that exceeds Maine law and spends every available dollar without helping Mainers struggling to pay bills is imminent.

Instead of providing $200 million to taxpayers in a $10 plus billion dollar budget, Democrats will ram through a partisan budget next week, then adjourn the Legislature, pretending that work is done in March, not June.

This is not what Maine citizens want. They want us to work together.

The doors are still open if Democrats want to come back to the table to pass a bipartisan budget that includes structural income tax relief.

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