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Bill to end rank choice voting in Maine to have Public Hearing Today, 3/22/23

STATE HOUSE– Rep. Ed Polewarczyk (R-Wiscasset) announced today that his bill to repeal the rank choice voting law will have a Public Hearing Wednesday.

"There are increasing complaints from constituents that the rank choice experiment has failed to deliver on its promises,” said Rep. Polewarczyk. “It produces false majorities, frequently exhausts thousands of ballots cast on Election Day, is confusing, and disenfranchises voters who are already unlikely to vote. It is time to return to a simpler, easy to understand system where the candidate with the most votes wins.”

What:  Public Hearing on LD 1038 - "An Act to Reinstate Plurality Voting by Repealing the Ranked-choice Voting Laws"

Where: Committee on Veterans and Legal Affairs, Cross Building, State House Room 437

When: Wednesday, March 22, 2023 at 10:00 AM

Media inquiries: John Bott, Communications Director                   


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