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A Message from Yarmouth Republican Committee Chair Regarding Cancellation of the May 2nd Event

The following is a message from Yarmouth Republican Committee Chair, Sam Eddy, related to the last-minute cancellation of the May 2nd event, An Evening of Conservative Voices.

Hello Fellow Republicans –

With regret, I am emailing to inform you that our event scheduled for this May 2nd has been canceled.

Recent events would seem to indicate that activists who oppose our agenda and our speakers have threatened to protest & disrupt the event and overwhelm YELP with negative criticisms of the host venue, Toddy Brook Golf Center.

Consequently, the host has reluctantly asked us to cancel the event out of concern for the health & welfare of the business and the safety of its employees and clientele.

While our instincts may have been to proceed out of principle in the face of anonymous threats, we have graciously ceded to our host's understandable concerns and, subsequently, with regret, have canceled the event.

Make no mistake, this is a brazen mob assault on the foundational principle of free speech. Moreover, it is an unprovoked threat and bullying against a lawful business.

While the immediate circumstances called for us to respectfully accommodate our host's concerns, they also compel us to seek out and expose the source of the threats. We'll keep you posted.

Meanwhile, thank you for your steadfast support of conservative values and the foundational principles of freedom enshrined in our own US Constitution and Bill of Rights.


Chair, Yarmouth Republicans

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