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The Maine Wire Reports on Abrupt Adjournment of School Board Meeting As Concerned Parent Speaks Up

As first reported by Edward Tomic of The Maine Wire, a Monday evening school board meeting in Cumberland Center for Maine School Administrative District 51 (MSAD #51) abruptly adjourned after one parent voiced concerns over pornographic materials found in the local school libraries.

Scott Jordan also happens to be the chair of the Town of Cumberland Republican Committee, located within our very own Cumberland County.

While the speaker before Jordan was allowed 6 minutes of commentary, Jordan was notified that he would be limited to 3 minutes only. He continued until cut off by the board.

“I’m not leaving this podium tonight until you either provide me with next steps that are acceptable, or the police [are] called. I’ve had it, and so have many other folks in this community,” Jordan responded.

After some debate from the board, Jordan can be heard saying that he will sit down and let others speak, but the board was already calling for a motion to adjourn the meeting.

Unsurprisingly, this Maine school board appears to be simply running away from a serious issue for which parents are demanding an answer. We can't even imagine what the reaction would have been for a school board to abruptly end a meeting during a liberal talking point.

Kudos to Scott Jordan for speaking up passionately and with composure on this important issue greatly affecting the futures of children all over our country. We're hoping to see more brave folks speak up in other Cumberland County school districts as parents wake up to the harmful woke school agendas.

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