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Legislative Watch List

The following document available for your download is a comprehensive watch list of bills we're following because we believe they may be of interest to the people of Cumberland County, Maine, and has been compiled by trusted advisor to the CCRC, Stephanie Anderson. 

A few caveats from Stephanie:

1. These are the bills that I am following, either because I believe they are of particular interest to you all or because they are of particular interest to me.

2. Yellow highlights are used to indicate areas of special interest, and purple highlights are used to indicate bills that call for a Constitutional Amendment.

3. This data changes daily.

4. If you want to see more information on a particular bill, see Navigating the Legislative Website.

5. This information is organized by Legislative Committee.  Some subjects (like firearms or abortion or vaccines) may be covered in various bills in various committees.  If you would like to see all of the bills pertaining to a particular subject, use your “word find” tool (either Ctrl + F or Command + F) and the relevant LDs will each be highlighted for you.

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