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CCRC Welcomes Our Newly Elected Chair, Karen Lockwood & Supporting Officers

At the February 21st, 2023 meeting of the Cumberland County Republican Committee, Karen Lockwood was elected as the new chair.

Karen thanked everyone for their support and expressed her willingness and excitement to work to continue making CCRC an effective means to elect Republican candidates. She reported that Joel Stetkis, new MEGOP Chair, has been hard at work and has appointed Stephanie Anderson to the MEGOP Budget Committee.

Karen has made a calendar for the next 24 months and would like to focus 2023 on community building in CCRC and 2024 on getting candidates elected to offices at municipal, state, and federal levels – which is ultimately our mission. She would also like to emphasize ways to keep the absentee ballot process an effective process of integrity.

Our full list of officers also includes some new faces:

Chair: Karen Lockwood Vice Chair: Charles Ellis Treasurer: Michael Hall Secretary: Doris Meehan Program Chair: Annalee Rosenblatt Development Chair: Karen Lockwood / Open Immediate Past Chair: Stephanie Anderson Municipal Liaison: Ryan McMann Communications & Web Development: Brittany Wiggins

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